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Life's New Beginnings, Inc. Agency Provider

I started out doing my own billing and it was a nightmare! The best thing we ever did was hire Expert Billing and we have been working with them for over 15 years now! They are knowledgeable, efficient, thorough and a wealth of information! The balance reports are by far the best way to stay on top of authorization limits to be sure we get paid for all our services! I highly recommend Expert Billing…you can’t go wrong with them!

Amy Martinez

Kapa Group Home

Just want to say EXPERT BILLING is the best thing since SLICED BREAD. Wish you another 17 plus years. Thank you.

Phillippe Chin

Kozy Korner Elderly Care ALF

Jennie and her staff are educated, professional, patient and work in a timely manner. They are always a phone call away to answer any questions regarding your billing account and help with any billing issues that may arise. In all my years of working in the medical field, they are the best, bar none! Thank you, Jennie, and all your staff for working with multiple insurance companies, weathering all conditions and always having a smile in your voice when I call!!

Martha Blumenauer

A New Beginning Agency, Inc

Expert Billing has been our billing agent for over 10 years. Jennie and Maura are always willing to go the extra mile to help us when we are stumped with a Medicaid question. We know that when we submit our billing, it will be handled in the most professional and efficient way possible. When there is an issue they inform us immediately. Thank you for all that you do for all of us out here in the MedWaiver Provider field.

A New Beginning Agency, Inc

Foster Care Home

I have been a Waiver provider since the Waiver’s inception. Jennie personally did my billing for 5 years under the old system and in 2003 when providers were responsible for their own billing, there was no question that we would stay with Jennie/Expert Billing. They go out their way to take the time to explain the process of things and so much more! They are by the best out there by far!!!


Strategies, Inc ABA

Best company for your billing needs. I have used them for 15 years. Professional and accurate!  Love these ladies!

Cheryl Reiser

Independence Connection

Thank you all for all that you do. You gals are the best. I would be out of the loop and clueless with out you all and I appreciate the information, the help and advice that you pass on week after week.

Tony Thurman

Independent Provider

Just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for everything. Everyone in your office is very professional and helpful. I will always recommend you to anyone I come in contact with!

Jennifer Talles

Independent Provider

Just wanted to say “THANK YOU”!!! You and your staff really do an awesome job. You go way above to help your clients in ways you don’t have to. Besides just helping “us” get paid you guys help us in so many other areas too! Like basically keeping our licenses. I haven’t really been working a whole lot, but need what little bit I am doing. I am in my own little world here sometimes and don’t hear much about Develop. Services or the “district”, and what important information I do get usually comes from you all!! So once again I would just like to say THANKS, and I appreciate all your help. Your name says it all Expert Billing & MORE!!!!!! I hope everyone else out there realizes it too!!!

Karla Simpkins

Independent Provider

I just want to let you know that I received a 95% score from Delmarva, as of yesterday! If I had to worry about reimbursements and all that accompanies that process, I don’t know if I would have done so well on my first round out, (this is first monitoring)! Thank you. Thank you for your consistency, professionalism and honesty! More importantly, thank you for your PATIENCE!

Lecia Gray-Knighton

Abilities Unlimited Support Coordination Agency

Having built up to a full caseload in near record time it was apparent I needed a knowledgeable billing agent to quickly get my funding pipeline going. Jennie spent the time to explain the entire process and has made this part of the business worry free. Doing the monthly Medicaid Eligibility is a great service as well. Thanks so much, Jen!

Bill Stengle, Owner

Independent Provider

Expert Billing has helped me many times. I cannot thank you enough for all your assistance. I would highly recommend Expert Billing to any provider.

Mary Fadl

Fairfield Professional Care

It has been an absolutely wonderful experience for us to use Expert Billing. The staff at Expert Billing are competent and professional. As the website says, we have learned we can’t do without the services of Expert Billing and More! Thanks!

Lori Berang, Owner

Independent Support Coordinator DCSS, Inc.

I have worked with Jennie for the past 6 years. There is no question that her services are essential to my business running smoothly. Her billing expertise is invaluable to me and worth a lot more than the fee she charges. She knows her stuff!

Dan Crandall

Independent Provider

You girls are the absolute best. It’s so refreshing to deal with such highly competent people… Thank You…

Maura Reedy C.B.A

Independent Provider

Expert Billing is the best! When I started providing services another provider told me about Jennie. It was the best decision I have ever made. I have never had to worry about getting paid and Jennie, Sue and Maura have always gone the step beyond to make sure that I get paid. Also the information that they send me from out of Tallahassee is invaluable so I’m never going HUH??? I recommend to any provider that I meet that having Expert Billing is the way to go!

Nedra M.


Expert Billing continues to exercise their responsibilities in professional, competent, and accurate billing of HCBS waiver services for providers statewide.

APD staff

L.A.L. Inclusion Care

Thanks for consistently providing friendly, efficient billing & Up to date services.

New Life Group Home

The excellent service from Expert Billing is not only inexpensive but the staff has been very helpful in other areas helping our new company.

Sunshine Support Coordination

Expert Billing & More has been the only billing agent that we have utilized since September 2000. We know from experience that any problems with billing will be efficiently handled by the professional staff at Expert Billing & More.

I had the opportunity to personally work with Jennie Benedix, Owner of Expert Billing & More, when I worked at the Developmental Disabilities Program Office as a state Support Coordinator, Jennie was superb at multi tasking! She has extensive knowledge of all aspects of both the Medicaid and Provider systems.

Belinda Hoyt – President

Independent Provider

Credit should be given where credit is due. When I signed an agreement with Expert Billing three years ago, they promised that the work would be carefully and thoroughly performed. As far as I am concerned, they have lived up to those promises over and over again.

I’ve noticed, for example that they are constantly paying attention to the little things. Reminders are sent out. Updates from Tallahassee are shared. And they even come to the provider meetings to participate and to share information. Better yet is that they don’t charge for every little thing that you ask of them.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that. Thank You!

I can unreservedly and strongly recommend Jennie, Sue and Maura to all of you.

Ray C.

Independent Provider

It has been such a pleasure having you guys do my billing for me. Infact, I would not be in business for myself if I had to do the billing as well as other paper work the state requires. You are God sent.

You have always been there to answer my questions and to offer help when I needed it. I sometimes take for granted just how much I depend on you. It is so wonderful just to know you are there for me when I need you. You earn every penny you make. I am so glad to hear you are branching out and expanding your business. Good luck and Congratulations. Jean

Jean E.

Duval Home

The Duval Home has used Expert Billing for several years to bill for our 75 state clients. The expertise is much greater than we could develop ourselves and it costs us less in the long run too. The help we get in resolving billing issues has made a real impact on the financial stability of the home. I highly recommend Expert Billing!

Marty Jones – Controller

Independent Provider

I cant speak highly enough about your services. Remember back in the beginning when things were such a mess. I had been denied claims because I wasn’t billing correctly. You guys saved me, straightened out my billing, rebuilt things properly etc. There have been many times that you have helped since then, and given information I would not have known about otherwise. I cannot thank you enough

Pamela Fair

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