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Electronic claim processing: Claims are electronically processed on behalf of provider directly to Florida Medicaid within 24 hours of receipt of invoice(s).

Eligibility verification: Medicaid eligibility for all recipients is verified at the beginning of each month. Providers will be notified of any lapse in eligibility by the 5th of the month.

Claim resolution: Expert Billing submits claims via batch upload and therefore does not receive an individual claim status. Billing Agent makes every effort to ensure claims are submitted correctly and will not submit claims without a valid authorization or will not submit claims that are not expected to pay. Provider must notify Expert Billing of any unpaid or incorrectly paid claims. Expert Billing will research and rebill denied claims when possible.

Service Balance Reports: Providers can request a balance summary report, which shows a summary of all active authorizations showing approved dates, authorized units, billed units and balance remaining. Providers can also request a claim detail report which shows each claim billed under a specific authorization. The claim detail report is especially helpful for providers when preparing for audits.

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